Welcome to Swadesh Online!

Who are you?
Swadesh Online is an E-Commerce website, which makes it easy for buyers to shop groceries India / Srilanka / Chinese or Asian products. Buyers can place orders anywhere they want according to the store hours open.

What do you sell
we sell goods and seasonings from India, Sri Lanka, China and even Indonesia

Can We Pay With Cash In Online Store?
No. We are not provide Cash on Delivery to prevent fake order.

What Type Of Payment You Accept?
We only accept payment with credit card. Debit card is unvailable right now according to the 3rd party payment gateway

Are this payment secure?
Yes, We are using a good SSL encrypt to prevent data steal. We also not use your credit card data for anything else or selling your information data

How can i trust Swadesh?
You can find a real Groceries market on the map, we are happy if you can come and meet us

How about delivery?
We have our own delivery team. We can send your order with the limit distance we provide which is only 10km from our groceries store

I live more than 10km, can you send my order?
No. According to our terms, we only can send order above 10km distance

How about send with another courier?
Because we are selling items that are not durable like ingredients and food, we not recommended to use another courier

I need to buy with cash, how can i do this?
The only way to pay with cash is come to our store

I found my order is bad, can i refund it?
Yes. You can request to our website or just come to our store to change with another good one

Do the courier send the item right on time?
We are not promise, but we still attempted to send on this day even on day night

I need my order to send it right now!
Well, if you want to get your order quickly. why not take a step to come our store?

Are this product always up to date?
Yes, our product stock is update correctly. And we always take a note which product is become expired

Are this price never change?
We try to give you a best price, not always change price

How to become a member?
Easy, just register with your email as username. Once you register correctly you now become a member

How about refund with money? I pay with credit card
If you want to refund with money, we have to make sure you have refund our product. We will give you a cash shortly and dont need to wait your credit card bill

Can i pay with another currency?
You are living in australia, why you need to pay with another currency?

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